Spy Training

A lot of this is coming from http://www.frugalfamilytimes.com/2012/03/family-fun-secret-agent-party-birthday.html so please feel free to check out their link!

Agent In Training Passports: Each child receives a passport that keeps track of their spy in training courses.  Find their spy name on http://www.blogthings.com/whatsyourinternationalspynamequiz/ and write it on their passport.  Keep a master sheet with who is who for yourself.  Download the Passport using link below:


Play Pass the Ball.  Go around the circle a couple of times saying your new spy name.  After a few rounds, toss a ball to a random person and say their spy name.  Optional: if you say the wrong name, you are out.

Interrogation Training/Police LineUp:  Two part game:  Each child has a headband created from a long strip of paper on their forehead.  Without the child seeing the card,  tape one of the suspects to the front of their headband (like the game Headbandz).  With a sheet of paper and pencil, have children go around to one another and ask one yes or no question concerning their suspect.  They may not ask for the character’s name (Is it Mickey?…can’t ask that) After a set amount of time or questions, have children use the information gathered to pick out their suspect from the line up of characters.  Make two copies of printout below, one for headbands and one as the police line up.


Target Practice:  Create straw rocket launchers and aim at a outline of a suspect.


Clue Identification: Put out several objects on a tray, let them study it for a few minutes, and then have them close their eyes while you take away 3 or 4 of the objects. Then they would try and write down what was taken away. Each round add a couple more objects to make it more difficult.

Laser  Course: Create a Laser course using several pieces of red crepe paper streamers taped catty-wompus through a hallway are marked off area.  Goal is to make it through the course without touching a laser.

Create a disguise: Use the printout below (or create your own) to make your own disguise. Take a photo in disguise and add it to your spy passport.


Other Activities: 

Code Deciphering:  Create a Cipherwheel and decode a message. Use link below for directions


Create a crime scene and tell the story:  Have small groups use items from the room to create a crime scene (see link for an idea) and have them write the story of the crime scene.  Have the other groups view the crime scene and tell what they think happened and see how close they were to the original story.