Mini Golf

If you have the room, this is a super fun activity!

The joy of a mini golf game in the middle of a Minnesota winter…blissful!  I decided to rearrange the room to allow my group to create a mini-mini golf course.  To help keep them on task, I had them come up with a theme for the holes and had them work in groups.  We used what we had on hand…lots of wooden building blocks, cardboard to build ramps or curves,even PVC pipes to build the borders.  I showed the group several examples of real and DYI mini golf courses to help them come up with their own ideas.  The brainstormed and drew their ideas on paper before committing to pulling out the materials.  The building process took several days, so you do need space for them to be able to leave it out.  I encouraged them to add art/design elements to incorporate the theme.  After the holes were created, we made golf clubs (dowels, cardboard, duct tape, etc) and tested our design and determined what the par would be by averaging several attempts at the hole.  Mind you, this isn’t the PGA by any sorts, but the kids had fun and it filled our week by working together and using elements of math and engineering.

For the Mini Golf Club:

Brainstorm ideas for themes and break into groups.  In your group you are responsible for designing, on paper, a golf hole that follows the theme in some way.  Use the examples to find interesting angles or traps, but make sure it’s not too difficult.  Use the supplies available to build your hole and add design/art elements to show the theme.  When done, test out your hole and decide what the theme is.