The link above has many ideas for clay, including the pinchpot creatures featured here.

Clay has been a highly requested activity for the kids I work with.  Having access to the school’s kiln and a positive relationship to the art teacher has given me the opportunity to provide clay activities.

One of my favorite clay activities is creating pinch pot creatures or big mouth monsters.  We start out creating a pinch pot with a nice wide, even rim. Squash it a little and the pinch pot becomes the mouth. Add eyes, ears, feet, tails, teeth, etc (remember to score smash and smooth).  Allow to dry and bisque fire.  I finish the creatures by either watercoloring them or using oil pastels and either a watercolor or tempera paint wash.  The results are unlimited and are super cute!

You can also use the pinch pot and turn it upside down to create the body.

For the Clay Club:

Day 1: Show ideas and practice pinch pot and scoring techniques. Check for even walls instead of crumbly thin edges. Allow kids to create. Unfinished projects should be placed in ziplock baggies for next day

Days 2-4: Continue creating creatures, review scoring techniques. Allow projects to dry before firing.

Since drying and firing brings this project beyond the 1 week club, I usually have this as one of several ideas for clay building.  See my Pinterest Board for more ideas.  If I have prefired, unpainted clay tiles for kids to paint when done.  Playdough or other homemade dough are other options.