Around the World Passport


Link above gives you a general idea how I created a faux passport for our Around the World Theme for the Non-School Days.

Unfortunately, I am unable to figure out how to post this so that it could be edited for others to use…meaning, you still have to make your own šŸ˜¦

I used MicroSoft Excel and set the columns/rows to each be .25 to make a small grid-like work space. From there I experimented with where the actual center is (margins need to be accounted for) so that I could make copies, cut them in half, and not cut off part of one side or have unequal sections.

The visa section was designed for how our day is structured (morning and afternoon activities) and were printed back to back, then cut in half, folded and stapled (along with cover) with a long handled stapler (a regular stapler is not quite long enough)

The information cover sheet was printed, the kids wrote out the info, photos were taken/printed out/glued one, and then glued onto the inside front cover and first visa page (covering 1 page of visas). Ā Names were also written on the back for easy identification.

Passports were given out each Non-School Day and were used to record the activities each kid chose for the day, as a keepsake of the year. Ā Passports were kept onsite for safe keeping and extras were made for those who came to later Non-School Days.


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