Minecraft Building Challenge

In the latest version of Minecraft (1.8.4?) using LAN(?), multiple computers/accounts in the same firewall can play on one world.  I am still learning this, having the kids help me along the way…so I am not certain how this word, or if I said the right words.  (Boy do I feel old when I try to play Minecraft!) Anyway…in this version, I am offering three teams to work on three different tasks on one playing space on different computers. One is Building a Village, where the team works together to create all the things needed to make an awesome village.  An outdoor Art Park with Pixel Art and #D Sculptures is the second team’s task.  The final challenge is for a team to create an Obstacle Challenge Course.  These pretty much incorporate all the various versions I  have done in the past, allowing the kids to choose to their strengths and give an opportunity for some great peer team building. Building Challenge


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